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Big Goals

Do you make the mistake many of us do and associate big goals with more work? The opposite can be true.

You can set big goals and more time off at the same time. It’s crazy, but it totally works.

Many of us have this as a way of people-pleasing. So we go after accomplishment in order to get approval, and then we feel tired instead of energized by the goal-setting.

When you set goals for your own sake, you don’t feel this way at all. The first step is the process of understanding what it is you really want.

If you didn’t care what other people thought, what is your main, deepest desire?

That type of accomplishment is only for you. You don’t even have to tell others about it.

Showing up as yourself is only the first step. Setting a goal that is only for you is when it gets really fun.

Make a huge private want list and then ponder... enjoy!

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