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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

When we tell ourselves we have trouble making decisions, remember it is just a sentence in our brains.

Often, there is underlying belief that there is a good decision and a bad decision.

Have you noticed when you do Pros and Cons, you can always identify both?

That’s because every decision is both GOOD and BAD (as you judge it).


If something is BOTH good and bad (because we can find both good and bad to think about it), then it can be NEITHER good nor bad, Making every decision NEUTRAL.

This is true for every decision we make.

Try it. Find how there will be both good and bad in every possible decision you make.

So choose.

Decide that you will FIND the good in the decision you made, even if you appear to have failed, and GO.

And remember, with every decision, there will be more decisions to be made. Keep making them. You will see more progress than you ever thought possible!

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