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The CPG Life is challenging

How would it feel to be IN CONTROL of your career? 

It's possible. 

I will help you create the CPG LIFE you desire !


Do you find yourself yearning to navigate your career path differently?

You are in the right place.

As your CPG Life Coach, nothing lights me up more than championing your ambitions.

Career ups and downs?


We've all been there.


In such times, just think of me as your professional confidant, shining a light on your journey with wisdom I've gleaned from my own CPG adventures.

Our collaboration puts YOU in the driver's seat - your dreams, hurdles, and unique professional storylines.

Together, we'll shape the career you desire in the CPG world.

Feeling a call for change, but the next move seems blurry?

It's time to sign up for a discovery call.

It's your call to make. Just hit the button to find out what is holding you back and propel yourself forward.

And remember, you are writing your CPG Life Story every day!I will be here for all of it!


Let's Get Started

Choose the Package That Best Fits Your Needs

One-On-One Coaching

Achieve More than you thought possible

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is a highly-personalized approach to solving your current challenges.  You determine the area of focus and I provide the framework.  Together, we solve the challenges you face and you create fulfilling CPG life and career

Job Search

Create Momentum in

your career search

Your job search is a career challenge like many others you have faced.  Working together we leverage your professional expertise to make your job search your own.  We create momentum through proven fundamentals and thought work.  When you ultimately take that next step, you do so with confidence and clarity


Progressing in


You join with a small group of people who have a similar goal and you have the opportunity to gain traction while helping others achieve their goals.  

These groups launch throughout the year.  Watch for announcements.

Now is your time

I am only a calendly link away!

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